2018 Registration for Bootcamp is Open!

Are you interested in the Digital Humanities but unsure where to begin?
Do you already have a DH project in the works and need help learning certain technologies, ways of dissemination, or want to share it? We can help!

Join us at the 2018 Digital Humanities Bootcamp @ the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Hosted alongside the Nebraska Forum on Digital Humanities, this year’s Bootcamp is almost upon us! Head over to the to registration page to sign up for the Bootcamp courses you’re interested in taking this year!

This 2-day bootcamp will explore communicating and interacting across virtual spaces, recurrent tools, and how to broaden engagement in the DH world. Attendants will be provided with hands on training of basic theoretical concepts and explore these new ideas and methods in a safe, open space. This year’s bootcamp tackles the theme of interaction as a tool for shaping the future. By conversing with collaborators online, utilizing user feedback, or learning to edit and work as a team, we hope these courses offer valuable insights into how interactions can come to define the work completed by students, staff, and our larger community.

The DH Bootcamp will take place at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from April 12-13, 2018 alongside the Nebraska Forum on Digital Humanities hosted by the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities.

If you have further questions, contact the organizers at dhbootcampunl@gmail.com.